We practiced early :) . Photo by wife: 1 VS. Photo by me: 0.

We practiced early :) . Photo by wife: 1 VS. Photo by me: 0.

Hope you enjoy your time checking out my work.  I am Wei, a photographer based in Pittsburgh, PA.

Alright, I admit "Mr.Dissector" sounds weird but I promise I will tell you more.

I believe that everyone who owns a camera is a photographer. I am the type of photographer who captures emotional and detail components of the moments.

Random facts about me:

  • I am extremely grateful for everyone who supports, guides and encourages me toward photography, xoxoxo.
  • Dull, not sharp, photographs drive me crazy. An OCD thing...
  • I like my photographs simple and natural, nothing fancy and old-schooled.
  • Sometimes I "pixel peeping" too much when examining the sharpness of photos. Another OCD thing...
  • I like black coffee and green tea.
  • My three year old daughter thinks brides and grooms are my students...
  • She also told my wife that I forgot to bring my huge camera case with me when I was out teaching.
  • I am glad that all the weddings I went to I had camera to keep me busy because I can't dance...